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I am so excited to share that my book is now available for purchase. You can find it on Amazon for $18.


Curious about the price? While I know $17.99 may sound better to the average customer (it's also a psychological ploy to make someone think a product is cheaper than it is), I believe that this book is worth the price printed on the back cover in terms of labor, investment, and the content itself. It's worth noting that every sale will help me pay the costs associated with an undertaking like this, including illustrator fees, legal costs and color printing fees. It took over a year to create this project. The color images in my book will truly blow you away. And the story should appeal to many. There are dynamics of a non-traditional family (Auntie raises our protagonist). You'll note that the two main characters look different from one another, because I want every child to feel represented when they read this book. This book is unique in so many ways. Further, while this book doesn't touch religion, I am a Jew, and in Judaism the number 18 means life. Why is that important or even relevant? For me, on a very personal level, the entire pursuit of writing this book was a celebration of life. My life. 


Sometimes it takes a catastrophic event to help one's perspective. I always knew I wanted to write a children's book but I didn't know how to go about it or where I could find the time until I got very sick. I was on terrible medications and couldn't sleep for weeks at a time. I decided to fulfill a goal and found peace in the process. My inspiration was simple ... the wonderful kids in my life and my love of art. The text came alive at very odd hours in the morning. I found the perfect artist, a former student, Matthew Spencer, who is remarkable and currently in art school.


This book, geared toward kids aged 5 through 8, is something of an A to Z of artists. It explores gorgeous and inspiring pieces of art from the modernists to the masters, all seen through the eyes of a little girl who is different. It's a celebration of her and her loving Auntie as they explore their local museum and have the best day ever. A Kindle version will be available soon for those of you that use tablet devices with your little ones. 

The feedback I've received has been overwhelmingly positive. It's touched my heart.  I am my own worst critic, however, and read two comments where individuals complained about the price. While I don't believe those people were complaining about their own financial circumstances and lack of access, the two comments did make me think very carefully about access to my book. Importantly, I understand that not everyone can afford this book (or any book, frankly). For that reason, I will be reaching out to child development centers, public institutions, and libraries in Southern California. Please check back here, as I will post information about free events on my social media channels and will seek to find out how I can personally donate new copies to Los Angeles-based libraries. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions or ideas, and thank you for your interest. 

Story by: Reut Cohen
Art: Matthew Spencer